the rabbit patch preschool

the rabbit patch preschool
project details
  • Type Commercial
  • Location burnside, christchurch
  • Team Phil Redmond, Madeleine Clarke
  • contractor avon dickie construction
  • awards 2020 nzia canterbury architecture awards –education - Winner
  • 2019 best awards – healthcare - bronze
  • published interior magazine, issue 33, september–october 2019
  • photography sam hartnett, hazel Redmond
"This preschool building turns its back to the street to create an enclosed space where children can interact and respond to the play of light, shadow, texture and reflection created by its architecture. Deliberately residential in scale and material, Te Tipu feels familiar and intimate, with a calm and neutral interior and a flexible framework that facilitates creativity, investigation and reflection. A playful sequence of associated spaces, divided and connected by a central battened timber wall, allows visual connection and separation between a pair of opposing ateliers. Exceeding its role on an established preschool site, this building has become a teaching tool that celebrates the sensory experiences of architecture."

- nzia citation
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