carters estate pavilion

carters estate pavilion
project details
  • type community building
  • location Carters estate, ashburton
  • year 2013
  • Team phil redmond
  • contractor bradfords building
  • awards 2018 nzia canterbury architecture awards - small projects - winner
  • 2014 best award finalist - built environment
  • photographer hazel redmond
"A beautifully crafted and elegant structure at one level appears extraterrestrial yet clearly acknowledges the terrestrial narrative of the post-war concrete modernist buildings of Canterbury. The external form-making is sculptural, providing an anchor to the community leisure activities of the subdivision, and acting as a sentinel to the boardwalk and pond it overlooks. A tapered viewing window belies the heavy parentage of the structure and is a seductive in promoting engagement with pond from the interior. The inverted detailing of the concrete shuttered walls with cedar shutters intact provides a tactility and warmth that contrasts with the strength of the concrete perimeter beams hovering above."

- nzia citation
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